by Natalia Rother

Overcoming the Blank Screen

Final #90Tips: Overcoming the Blank Page

We promised 90 Tips in 90 Days, but we got so excited, we got carried away. This is roughly our 95 tip, and we’re ready to go for another 90. But instead of creating them daily, we’ll publish tips throughout the weeks, months and years.

So how to sign off on our marathon program filled with power poses? With a simple tip, of course. It’s a tip on getting you started. Today’s tip is meant to help you overcome artists’ block.

In the old days you would have dozens of paper sheets scrunched up and scattered across the room. In the digital age, you erase or delete whatever you started and return to the blank white canvas on your screen.

Logan Pearsall is familiar with a creative block. In this video he shares with us his approach to overcoming this state of mind. The trick is to just start with something, without even thinking of the end result. Doodling shapes and adding colors randomly is a good way to begin. You can add pictures that you like to your canvas and start twisting and turning them, adding or removing things. Picking up old work that you created will reassure you of what you have already accomplished. You can alter elements and move things around. Create new backgrounds, just like a traditional painter would tone his canvas.

Experiment and go crazy. Even try doing the opposite of what you initially intended to create. Eventually, you will see something that you like and take that as a starting point to developing your idea. Give yourself time and try to take the pressure off. Once the beginning is made, it is much easier to continue and let a creative idea grow.