by Natalia Rother

How to Create Shots to Tell a Story

How to Create Shots to Tell a Story

Storyboard artists have a wide range of shot types to choose from when they want a scene to convey a certain emotion. Lilly Vogelsang from Toon Boom Animation shows you a selection of shot types and what emotions they will create with your audience.

Establishing shot
When you start out a new location, this shot is a good choice. It helps the viewer to understand where we are. It is usually a view onto the location from far away.

Two Shot
Two different characters are interacting within the same shot. This view enables the viewer to observe both characters at the same time. Here you can choose a neutral position as well as choose an over-the-shoulder view.

Close up Shot
This shot is best used when you want to see the expression on a person’s face. It allows focusing on the character’s emotions. It also creates intimacy with the viewer can observe the facial expression from a very short distance.

Your choice of camera angle is also important to create emotions. For instance, a camera angle that shows characters from above creates the feeling of intimidation; the characters look up and appear to be in fear. Choosing a camera angle with the characters looking up on an object will make the object appear larger, and focus more on the superiority of the object.

Just by choosing the right shot and a suitable camera angle, you can create different emotions with your audience, helping you to tell your story most effectively.

Watch the video below for more tips.