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How to Fix a Bad Hair Day

How to Fix a Bad Hair Day

How to Fix a Bad Hair DayWe’ve all experienced one of these, right?  Some of us can get pretty bummed about a bad hair day, especially if it coincides with picture day.

Fortunately, there’s an easy, scissor-free way to tame those tresses and conquer that cowlick.

Edit your BHD (short for “Bad Hair Day”) with the Liquify tool in Photoshop. This handy digital implement moves pixels around, allowing you to transform your hair into the perfect shape, removing any lumps, bumps, wisps or stragglers.

First, pull up your BHD photo in Photoshop. Then click on “filter” in the tool bar, and scroll down to “Liquify.” You also can use shift+Ctrl+X to pull up the Liquify tool.

Your pointer will turn into a large circle, which you can move about holding down the mouse to drag out, or push in, the areas of rebellious hair.

The key: brush size. A small brush enables you to manipulate pixels on a small, more detailed scale, while a large brush repositions the hair in bigger chunks. (It’s like the difference between trimming scissors and hedge clippers.) By pushing or pulling the hair, you can turn your don’t into the perfect ‘do. Brush size can be adjusted on the right side of your screen, in the tool bar. Make adjustments for tedious small fixes or large ones.

Channeling Snookie? “Pull” your hair to create your own Jersey Shore locks. Want to be a smooth operator? “Push” your hair in to create a sleek, polished style.

 To learn more about how to digitally eliminate BHDs with the Liquify tool, check out the tutorial below from Phlearn.