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How to Save Time Managing Your Image Production in Lightroom

How to Save Time Managing Your Image Production in Lightroom

Managing the production of your images is a time consuming process, at least it used to be. Now, you can take the tools you use most in Lightroom and program these into your ExpressKeys on the Intuos tablet.

This tutorial is about saving you time and streamlining your workflow.

Join Matt Kloskowski as he teaches how to save valuable time managing your image production process, taking various tools in Lightroom and programming them to take advantage of the one-touch ExpressKeys and Radial Menu.

In this example, Matt takes a look at dozens of photos that were taken during a family portrait session. As with any photo shoot, there are a large number of photos that just can’t be used and many more that will need selective adjustments. There are a couple of great tips you can implement to save time when managing your image production:

• Set your Intuos tablet up to do all the work for you.
• Adjust your radial menu to access items that are “hidden” deep in the menu.

You may find yourself going back and for between picking photos and implementing settings, constantly switching from your laptop to your tablet. Now you can set your tablet up to do everything for you, eliminating that back and forth.

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This tutorial covers the following elements in Lightroom: Managing image production in Lightroom, programming your Lightroom tools into your ExpressKeys and using the radial menu in Lightroom.