by Wacom

Tips on Making Dad His Very Own Beer Label

Dad’s got a set of golf clubs, 47 million ties (give or take), a “kiss the cook” apron, and yes, the world’s largest remote control.

So what do you get the dad that has everything?

How about his very own personalized beer label? Crafting a custom craft brew label is easier than it sounds, and it’s a great way to help any brewski-loving dad celebrate his special day. Here are some tips to help you go from concept to execution—not to mention son or daughter of the year:

Size Things Up:
To start, decide the size of the label. Measure your favorite beer’s existing label as a starting point, and go larger if you’d like.

Find the Design of the Times:
Next, open up Illustrator and create a file with the label size dimensions. Want to go vintage? Follow this time-lapse tutorial for creating a new old-school look: 

Words to the Wise:
Whether your message is heartfelt or humorous, make your words short and sweet. Here are a few thought-starters to inspire you:

#1 Dad (such a classic)
Only the best Dads deserve their own beer.
It’s your day. Have a cold one!
Cheers to you, Daddy-o!

Stick to It:
To make the label “bottle ready,” print it out on sticker paper, available at any office supply store. Once printed, cut out the label and stick on the bottle.

Cheers to a great Father’s Day!