Justin Fields

Desktop Snapshot: A Concept Artist’s Custom UI Settings for ZBrush

Justin Fields has created concept art for television shows and movies such as Maleficent, Falling Skies and Wolverine. He uses ZBrush and an Intuos Pro pen tablet to create 3D character renderings.

Fields is often in demand, so when he’s not working in his own studio, Fields may find himself hopping from workstation to workstation at different movie production locations. To keep things simple, his preference is to leave all his Intuos Pro settings at their defaults.

To improve his workflow, Fields always carries a thumb drive containing his personal custom user interface (UI) settings for ZBrush so he can work with maximum efficiency.

We asked Fields for a snapshot of his desktop settings. Take a quick peek at this artist’s desktop below.

A Concept Artists Custom UI Settings for ZBrush

Justin Fields carries a thumb drive with his custom ZBrush user interface so that he has the tools he uses the most often at his fingertips, regardless of the studio environment.

Fields stacks his most frequently used palettes and buttons on the left shelf, including:

  • Lazy mouse function (Allows for very precise control of the brush point and is ideal for drawing smooth, predictable curves, or any sort of detail work.)
  • Replay Last Button (Re-traces the last brush stroke. Fields says it is useful for carving wrinkles.)
  • Mask Button (Masking shields areas of a 3-D object from deforming or sculpting.)
  • Fill Color Palette (Displays the current color and provides a number of ways to select it.)

Across the bottom shelf, Fields keeps his most-used brushes handy: DAM_Standard (a precision cutting tool), Clay Build Up, Clay Tubes, Hard Polish, Pinch, and Snake Hook. He occasionally creates special assets like teeth or claws and uses them as custom brushes to dig into a sculpture.

When preparing a model for presentation, Fields frequently uses ZBrush’s TimeLine function to scroll through the variations of the object from beginning to end.

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