Godzilla to Geishas - ADIM 14

Godzilla to Geishas - ADIM 14

The Adobe Inspirational Masterclass (ADIM) is an annual event hosted by Adobe’s Principal Creative Director Russell Brown. This unique event (to say the least) is a fun and inspirational event is for graphic designers, art directors, photographers, and creative directors seeking fresh, inventive ways to use the latest in Adobe products.

ADIM is like no other event you have ever attended. Over the course of three days, participants are immersed in what is more of an experience than a conference. Based on the theme of the event, participants use a combination of cameras, computers, tablets and the Adobe Creative Cloud to work on a variety of projects.

This year’s theme is, Japan By Design: A Study in Contrasts

Participants will design and create a Japanese-themed Washi Paper lantern. They will manage their lantern projects from inception to completion, using laser engraving, wood block printing, and hand assembly. On the final day, completed Japanese lanterns will be displayed in class for all to view and critique.

In addition to the lantern project, participants will explore services and applications found in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to use the latest in Wacom pen and touch technology, including Intuos Pro and Cintiq interactive pen displays.

Each day, participants will be instructed by a host of creative professionals on topics from calligraphy, design, retouching and more.

I’m Wes Maggio teaching a class on the finer points of retouching with a Wacom tablet. The techniques will follow the theme of the event as attendees work with images of the Pixel Ninja!

The learning and fun take place at the St. Julien Hotel in downtown Boulder, Colorado from Sunday, March 9th to the 12th. If you are attending ADIM, we’ll see you there. If you missed the boat to Japan, be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and follow us on Twitter for some insights and images from the most unique design event on the planet!

Once you attend an ADIM Conference, you will likely find yourself planning for the next one before the first is over. Hope to see you there!

Visit the ADIM website to learn more.

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