How to Composite an Image in Photoshop

Tips from ADIM 14: How to Composite an Image in Photoshop

Adobe’s Inspirational Master Class (ADIM) concluded with an abundance of fanfare and creativity. Creative professionals gathered in Boulder, Colorado to learn about advanced imaging techniques in photography and illustration. Attendees traveled from as far as Japan to participate in quite possibly the most creative experience on the planet!

More than a conference, ADIM is a hands-on experience where attendees mingle and learn from leading authorities in the art, design and technology community. This week, they used applications and services found in Adobe’s Creative Cloud. They used state of the art laser engraving equipment, Epson and Roland print technologies and of course Wacom pen tablets and interactive pen displays. They even used analog tools, aka their bare hands to design and produce the themed project: This year’s theme, Japan by Design tasked attendees with designing and producing a Japanese inspired washi-paper lantern.

How to Composite an Image in Photoshop

A steady mix of presentations and independent project time kept attendees busy from morning until well into the evenings. Among the many presenters were Julieanne Kost, Chris Converse, Deke McClelland, Bryan O’Neil Hughes and a host of others. Attendees picked up valuable tips for compositing images in Photoshop, creative drawing techniques in Illustrator, and best practices for type layout and usage in InDesign.

I too presented: The Ways and Wonders of Working with a Wacom Tablet. In this session I shared with attendees the finer points of working with a tablet for image enhancement, drawing and painting and overall improved workflow.

As the event drew to a close, attendees gathered for a final review of the class projects followed by a closing reception and awards banquet. As part of the banquet, attendees dined and entertained one another with the infamous talent show. Performances included serious to comedic acts and musical exhibitions—of which attendees took great pride in participating in after a brain-scrambling week of intense creativity.

How to Composite an Image in Photoshop

If you’ve never had the pleasure of attending—make that participating—in an ADIM event, consider it in 2015. ADIM will truly leave an indelible mark on your creativity. And you will most certainly make some creative friendships that will last for a lifetime.

Being immersed in such creative company, I picked up a few tips of my own. I’ve included them in a tutorial below featuring a photo of the “Pixel Ninja”! Give it a watch and learn some creative ways to composite in Photoshop and add ambiance and drama to your images.