How to Find Android Apps for Digital Art in Google Play

How to Find Android Apps for Digital Art in Google Play

Anyone with an Android phone or tablet knows it is not hard finding apps in Google Play.  The real challenge is wading through the endless apps and finding that one that does what you want. Digital artists and doodlers just want to start creating with the best tools available. 

The first trick is to start with an app you know works. Try Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for sketching; Clover Paint by Fareast for more natural media appeal; and Infinite Design by Sean Breakfield for vector and design work.  All of these are at or below the eight dollar mark. If you find one that is close, but not quite what you are looking for, at the bottom of Google Play, look in the “Similar” section, or if you find you really like the developer of an app, there is a “More from developer” section.  Both are great for finding alternatives.



If you picked up a Cintiq Companion Hybrid, much of this initial work is being done for you, in the Wacom Mobile Center under the “Wacom Recommends” section.  Here are well-reviewed applications that have been proven to take advantage of some or all of Wacom’s more advanced features like the full 1080p display, pressure and even tilt. 

If you find an application that fits your artistic needs, or if you are having trouble finding that perfect fit, post here and let us help you, or let us help you help others by getting that great app added to Wacom Recommends.