What’s Happening at The Game Developer Conference

From product launches to mind blowing gaming demos, GDC 2014 hasn’t disappointed this year. The vibe at the show is electric; you can feel the GDC Imageexcitement around gaming from hardware, software, virtual reality headsets, intense game demos and 3D printing for games.

At the Wacom booth, we’re showing off our Cintiq Companions, Cintiq line, Intuos Pro and Intuos Creative Stylus. We have hands-on demos and hour-long seminars with some of the top 3D artists, character designers, concept artists and Manga rock stars. These artists are covering the breadth of game illustration with helpful tricks, tips and workflow advice.

Today’s presentation line-up includes, two Autodesk masterminds, Gary M. Davis and Marcel DeJong, concept art from the Shaady Safadi of One Pixel Brush, Riot Games’ Josh Singh, 3D concept with Justin Goby Fields and The Foundry’s Jack Greasley.

If you’re at GDC, find us at 9016, or follow this video:

Obviously, we’re not the only ones at GDC, so we wanted to show some of the other fun happening. Check out this fly-by video of other companies doing cool things.

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