Where My Nibs At?

Unlike in days of yore, when we had nibs falling out of the box or dangling around like prepositions where they would be quickly lost, we have had a number of folks pose what appears to be this very simple yet valid question. 

Where are those sneaky spare nibs? The answer depends greatly on which tablet you have.

It is not that we are trying to hide anything, we don’t want people losing them before they know what they are. Seriously, it’s happened far more often than anyone would hope.

For the new Intuos tablets, the objective was to create a sleek and self-contained product. The Intuos nibs are stored on the back of tablet in the middle panel. Although it is easy to miss that this panel can even be removed, you have to admit that this makes for a simple and elegant storage location.  While you are in there, you will note the little hole, which also functions as a nib remover.

With the Intuos Pro and larger stationary Cintiqs, we store the nibs where they have been for a few years.  Once again, it may be easy to mistake its purpose as only a pen stand (or funny little shot glass), a twist of the top reveals a number of different nibs as well as a nib puller. Learn more about the different nibs in our blog post, Nibs: Getting to the Point.

 If you are among the people who have gone with the smaller Cintiq 13HD or one of the Cintiq Companions, you will find the nibs in the hard carrying case of the new ProPen, a nib puller and a few colorful pen identification rings.

Break ‘em out and give them a whirl. You shouldn’t have to change them often, but it is nice to know where they are when that time strikes.

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