by Greg Perkins

3D Model to 3D Mold Creating Wacom Stylus Holders

Student entreprenuer Greg Perkins has harnessed the power of 3D modeling to loose a line of monsters, ghosts and mutants upon the wild world of Wacom pens. Intuos and Cintiq users needn't fear the onslaught of oddities, though, for Perkins' original Far Fetched Creations toys are designed to stand as fun stylus sentinels. Cast in resin and urethane -- and apparently, love -- each figure is born of a multistep process that starts as a sketch, evolves into a computer generated model, gets brought to life by a 3D printer and is reproduced using traditional toy casting methods. For a look inside the artist's not-so-Frankenstein-like laboratory, we had him walk us through his masterful monster-creating methods:

My process for making Wacom pen holders is almost exactly the same for every model. The process will vary slightly from piece to piece, depending on the design. For some I’ll use magnets, and for others I’ll manually make the holes for the pen nibs. But this is the most simplified version of what I do. Keep in mind: this process can be used to create just about anything.


1. A Quick Sketch

I always start with a quick sketch. I purposefully keep these very simple and fun.


2. Model It


Next, I jump into Maya and create the 3D model. I hollow the 3D model out by placing geometric shapes inside it and reversing their "normals" (lines in 3D design that are perpendicular to the surface of a polygon) – this saves material costs.


3. 3D Print It


Now with the digital model ready, I send it off to a 3D printer. I use an external 3D printing company to print my designs.


4. Spray With Primer


Primer provides a protective layer so nothing sticks to the "master" copy during the molding process.


5. Create The Mold


After the primer has dried, I create the mold. The molding material will harden around the master over a number of hours.


6. Create The Casting


Once the mold is ready, I take out the master and pour in the casting material. This hardens in about 10 minutes. Depending on what I want aesthetically, I will mix in color pigments or glow-in-the-dark powder.

After some cleaning up with a blade and sandpaper, here is the final result!

For more from Greg Perkins, you can visit the official Far Fetched Creations website.