by Caleb Goellner

Using Wacom Drivers with Mac OS X Yosemite

To meet the ongoing performance demands of creatives, Wacom has released new drivers for Windows 7 and 8 operating systems and Mac OS X (popularly known as Yosemite).

Uninstalling and re-installing your tablet drivers (and saving your preferences) is key to top-notch tablet performance whether you're using an Intuos, Intros Pro, Cintiq, or Cintiq Companion.

Techman Joe walks you through the process up upgrading to the latest drivers on your tablet of choice in the video below.



Tablet driver tips:

  1. Back up your preferences

  2. Uninstall the tablet driver, then restart your computer to empty out any residual processes

  3. Now you’re ready to install the latest tablet drivers

  4. Once the new driver is in place, click the backed up settings file to put your settings back to the way you like them

Click this link for the latest Windows and OS X drivers:

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