by Caleb Goellner

Take Photoshop’s Painting Tools to Another Level With Your Cintiq

Explore the grip pen, ExpressKey and touch strip capabilities in your Wacom tablet to work more intuitively, streamlining your workflow so you can spend more time creating with the drawing and painting tools Photoshop has to offer. 

In the video below, the folks at Digital Tutors show you how to set up your grip pen, taking advantage of the most powerful tool in your Photoshop arsenal, the brush. Using a Cintiq 22HD, they go over the Wacom tablet properties and how you can make specific changes to the grip pen, ExpressKeys and touch strip properties, giving you instant access to a multitude of brushes in Photoshop.

This tutorial covers:

Programming Grip Pen Buttons – When painting in Photoshop you’ll often find yourself needing to switch brushes. Simply tap the preset toggle button on your grip pen, choose from a wide selection of brushes and click, you’ll have a new brush at your fingertips quickly. Set the second button on your grip pen to a commonly used keystroke, like pan, with one click you can pan around your image faster. 

Using ExpressKeys and Touch Strips – These come in handy to quickly adjust your brush radius. Programming one of your radius keys for the commonly used ALT modifier is a huge time-saver. The ALT keys half the shortcut to increasing and decreasing the brush radius, with the other half being the right-click, which we show you how to assign to the toggle button on your grip pen.

Learn how you can take advantage of these three powerful tools to work more efficiently in Photoshop, saving you time so your creativity can shine.



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