by Weston Maggio

The Power of ParticleShop with a Wacom Tablet

ParticleShop is a new Adobe Photoshop plug-in that brings Corel's Painter software's dynamic, particle brush technology to illustrators, designers and photographers alike. Using some of the same tech found in Painter, the brushes in ParticleShop provide a natural, organic and "alive" experience, particularly when used with a Wacom pen. ParticleShop brushes respond to Wacom pen pressure, tilt and rotation. Furthermore, the ParticleShop interface is touch sensitive enabling pinch-and-zoom and rotation control.

Launched via a host application such as Adobe Photoshop, ParticleShop is accessible from the filter menu and opens the selected layer in a clean, easy-to-use interface. The plug-in comes stocked with a capable standard set of 11 brushes to start with, which is expandable through the in-app brush set purchases.

Each brush is infinitely customizable from the menu bar. Adjustment of basic parameters such as size and opacity are easily discoverable. Pressure can be toggled on and off for each. Tilt and rotation are factored in automatically for supporting Wacom pens. The velocity of your brush stroke can affect the results. With all of these options, you hardly have to make up reasons to incorporate ParticleShop in your workflow.

Watch the video below to see how ParticleShop works, and get inspiration for your own projects.

Available for both Mac and Windows, ParticleShop plug-in is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and higher, as well as Photoshop Elements 13. It can also be used with Lightroom 6 and higher. And of course, Corel’s own Paint Shop Pro and Photo-Paint apps. (X7 and higher.)

ParticleShop is available today for $49.99 US. Additional brush packs are $29.99 and include 15 brushes in each. (My favorite is the Fabric Fantasy set.) To learn more about ParticleShop, visit:

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