by Caleb Goellner

Introducing the Wacom Color Manager Powered by X-rite

Color commands our attention. Whether you're working on a laptop, gaming on a tablet, texting on a smartphone or streaming a movie on TV, color is at the core of the experience. In collaboration with X-rite, the leader in color measurement and calibration tools, Wacom is putting you in more control of color than ever before with the new Wacom Color Manager.

Optimized for use with the Cintiq27 QHD, the Wacom Color Manager is a standalone piece of hardware that replicates the function of a human eye to measure light behavior on a surface. This process gives your Cintiq the most accurate data it needs to display colors on your screen the way they will appear on the widest possible array of devices. When used to its full potential, it can hold a display at 97% AdobeRGB, delivering maximum uniformity. This assures that the color choices you make when you work on your Cintiq translate directly to the final product, no matter what you create. What you see is what you get.

       If you don’t have color accuracy throughout your creative process, you don’t really know what you’re sharing. 

            -Colby Brown, Professional Travel Photographer

Incredible color is just the beginning. If you enjoy the power of working with multiple displays, the Wacom Color Manager can also be used to calibrate your entire setup, adjusting for ambient light, workgroup profiling, and even accessories like projectors.

Knowing that a display is spot on from the time you upload images to your machine, from the time you reach the final step in your creative workflow, ensures that at any point you can deliver accurate visuals reflecting your vision. The more you use the Wacom Color Manager, the closer to perfect your colors become. And when it comes to color, perfect is usually good enough.

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