by Greg Perkins

Making Monster Penholders With Far Fetched Creations

We're living in a post-3D printing world, and as such, innovators are constantly reinventing what's possible in nearly every industry. In the case of Far Fetched Creations founder Greg Perkins, the evolution of 3D printing tech means better and better methods for making monstrously fun Wacom penholders.

Continuing to refine a process he's been using for the past two years, Perkins recently procured a Formlabs 3D printer for use in his Far Fetched Creations studio. In this tutorial video, he walks viewers through his step-by-step production process starring his new Four Eyes character from being sketched in Adobe Photoshop, to being built as a 3D model in AutoDesk's Maya, and finalized as a digital sculpt in Pixologic's ZBrush using a Mac and an Intuos Pro. Perkins even finishes things off by getting tactile on finished penholders with a power sander. 

See Perkins' full penholder creation and manufacturing process below:

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