by Caleb Goellner

How to Build Creatures Using ZSphers in ZBrush

Pixologic's ZBrush is a powerful tool for professionals in any 3D-based industry, but in many ways, the fundamentals it uses to fabricate forms remain inherently approachable. If you're comfortable molding a ball of clay, you can get a quick grasp of how artists work within ZBrush's sophisticated toolkit to create visual effects for films, design industrial equipment or simply have fun making monsters.

In this demonstration video, 3D character artist Luke Wakeford takes to the Cintiq 22HD Touch to show how you can use the ZSpheres functionality found in ZBrush to build basic shapes into a full-fledged creature off of a simple base mesh. As Pixologic describes them, ZSpheres are "an advanced ZBrush tool that permits ‘sketching out’ a 3D model." They're so advanced, they make 3D sculpting look easy.

Using the Draw tool builds a new sphere on top of an existing form, while the Move tool takes that sphere and stretches or compresses that sphere into a new shape. In this way, an artist can quickly assemble spheres into cones, cylinders and other shapes into the combinations that yield a fuller figure. And just like that, a creature has gone from a single sphere to a multi-armed beast. 

See what goes into the sphere-spawned world of creature creation in ZBrush below:

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