by Caleb Goellner

Color Holds: How to Make Your Comic Book Colors Pop

Historically, black and white line art has been the backbone of cartooning. Just like text, when printed on white paper, it instantly communicates shapes, forms and characters with clean contrast. These days, though, the name of the game is color. After all, our eyes don't see the world traced in lines. When working digitally on a Wacom tablet, injecting color into the linework of a traditional black and white illustration takes just a few simple steps and adds an extra dimension of contrast and clarity to everything from comic books to animated series.

Using Adobe Photoshop and an Intuos Pro Pen and Touch tablet, professional comic book creator and "Pressure/Sensitivity" cover colorist Ryan Hill takes viewers through his step-by-step process of coloring portions of black and white lineart to give his piece of Sam & Max/Scud: The Disposable Assassin fan art an extra dimension of vibrancy and, well, pop!

You can watch Ryan at work below: 

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