by Caleb Goellner

How to Clone in Nuke Visual Effects Software

Whether you're watching a paranormal police procedural on TV, a sci-fi drama at the movies, or a simple web series that needed some background punch-ups, chances are you've seen Nuke's handiwork on display. The Foundry's high-end visual effects, editorial and finishing software package lists some 60+ features spanning 2D and 3D, making it a tool of choice for studios creating just about anything shot with a camera or animated for a video game.

In the following tutorial The Foundry's Mariana Acuña highlights one common VFX function that Nuke's known for: cloning. Cloning capabilities are versatile when it comes to changing elements using preexisting materials in a given shot. Users can edit out distractions, add in additional scenery or blend disparate elements.

Learn how to clone in The Foundry's Nuke visual effects software using a Cintiq 22HD below:

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