by Caleb Goellner

How to Ink in Clip Studio Paint with Brooke Allen

Comic book and manga artists use a variety of applications to tell their stories, but one of the most popular pieces of software is Celsys's Clip Studio Paint Pro (also known as Manga Studio 5). With an interface and tools designed specifically for sequential art creation, artists can create full comics and graphic novels within a single app. Of its many features, Clip Studio Paint's inking engine stands as one of the most celebrated, providing artists with some of the most precise lines in digital art. Comic book artist Brooke A. Allen, of Lumberjanes fame, shows how she uses Clip Studio Paint and the Intuos Pro tablet to illustrate characters on her computer in this tutorial, complete with brush recommendations for those new to digital creation.

See how to to ink in Clip Studio Paint below:

You can learn more about Brooke at Wacom's Create More website.

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