by Caleb Goellner

Start Creating with the Intuos Draw and ArtRage

One of the biggest advantages of creating digital art with a Wacom tablet is that, when paired with the right application, you can easily replicate the look of traditional media with a single tool. The Intuos Draw empowers that experience right out of the box, combining the power of its pen's 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity with ArtRage's rich range of features. Whether you're looking to create something with the fluidity of watercolors, the blendability of oils, or the precision of pencils, the Intuos Draw with ArtRage has you covered. We've even created a series of tutorials to get you started.

In the Intuos Draw tutorial series starring artist Barbara Leitzow, you'll how to:

- paint animals using digital ink and watercolors

- paint a still life using pastels

- paint a landscape using watercolors

- paint a cityscape using watercolor tools

- paint a portrait using oil paint tools

See how you can use the Intuos Draw with ArtRage to create digitally in a variety of media, below:

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