by Weston Maggio

Getting Started with the Wacom ExpressKey Remote

A decade ago Wacom revolutionized the pen tablet experience by incorporating physical buttons on the tablet. This set of buttons was appropriately named ExpressKeys as they were designed to more quickly access keyboard shortcuts and functions.

Above and beyond a traditional keyboard experience, ExpressKeys place your most commonly used keyboard shortcuts and functions at your fingertips. Working with the pen in one’s dominant hand, the other hand is free to access the ExpressKeys. 

ExpressKeys improve your efficiency by incorporating multiple keystrokes in a single key. For example, you can assign Cmd/Ctrl + Option/Alt + Z to a single ExpressKey. Then, with one click of that ExpressKey, you can perform that function. (By the way, that's Step Backward in Photoshop).

You might think that ExpressKeys are relatively simple concept, but with them comes great improvement to your productivity.

Alongside the release of their flagship Cintiq27 interactive pen display, Wacom once again pushed forward the boundaries of efficiency with a new spin on ExpressKeys. It’s called the ExpressKey Remote. The ExpressKey Remote is a wireless piece of hardware that houses 17 individual ExpressKeys and a 3-function Touch Ring. Each ExpressKey as well as the Touch Ring is customizable for instant one-touch access to timesaving shortcuts in any application.

Paired with your computer, you can place the ExpressKey Remote where its most convenient: In your hand, beside your keyboard or when used with the Cintiq27 QHD, you can even place it on your screen. 

The ExpressKey Remote was conceived with the Cintiq27 QHD in mind, but anticipating it’s popularity, Wacom has made it available as an accessory purchase for its latest generation of Pro products, including: Intuos Pro, Cintiq Companion, Cintiq 13HD and the Cintiq 22HD. (The ExpressKey Remote comes bundled with the Cintiq 27QHD.)

How does it work? If this is your first introduction to the power of ExpressKeys, check out the video below where I walk you through the easy process of customizing ExpressKeys for your specific needs.

Technical Stuff

The ExpressKey™ Remote is paired with your computer via radio frequency (RF) signal via the bundled dongle. (aka small USB plug.) While one ExpressKey will offer more than enough creative options for most users, you can connect up to five ExpressKey Remotes at one time. The ExpressKey Remote is powered by rechargeable battery. An initial 2 hour charge will provide approximately 160 hours of use. You charge the remote via the included mini-USB cable. 

Buy Now

Want to purchase your own ExpressKey Remote? You can find it at the Wacom eStore.

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