by Weston Maggio

How to Write on Fog in Photoshop with a Wacom Tablet

When the temperature is cool and dry inside and the air outside is warm and rainy, it’s common to see fog and condensation form on your windows. When this happens who can resist writing on them with your finger? I don’t know about you, but my mom always yelled at me when I did this as a kid. Well, with the introduction of a new feature in Adobe Camera Raw (and Lightroom), called Dehaze, I was reminded of those times. It gave me the idea to re-create the effect in Photoshop.

In the video that follows, I show you how to take an image of a sunny day, and transform it into a rainy day and then steam up the windows so that you can write on it with your finger, er pen.

In my example, I fogged up a window overlooking a lake. Car windows, household mirrors and other common day-to-day surfaces are also a great location for this effect. Add some variation to your "windows". Find some different size raindrops on glass. Consider other textures altogether. Experiment and have fun!

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