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Bringing Australia's Fauna and Flora to Life

Sydney-based artist Thomas Jackson has created a one-of-a-kind mural for Wacom’s Australian Headquarters in Lane Cove, NSW. Using the Wacom Cintiq Pro 16”, Thomas was able to design and implement the artwork that transformed a blank office wall into a spectacular feature in just a matter of days.


“We found Thomas on Instagram and immediately fell in love with his style. His body of work was incredibly fitting for the theme of our office, which is nestled in the Lane Cove National Park,” says Simon Marshall, Senior Manager Content & Media. “All of our meeting rooms draw their names from National Parks around Australia and the space itself is quite open to the beautiful natural surrounds.”

Born in the UK, Thomas moved to Sydney at a young age where he instantly fell in love with the Australian native Flora and Fauna. Fascinated by the local animals and landscapes, he drew inspiration from his new home, as well as scientific plant and animal specimens, entomology and taxidermy. Today, Thomas puts a modern take on ‘Natural History Illustration’, creating smaller scale works for galleries and translating these into large-scale public murals.

Taking inspiration from the bordering National Park, Thomas used the Wacom Cintiq Pro 16” to create a yellow-tufted honeyeater as the focal point for the artwork. He then uploaded the design into Photoshop to digitally colour it before taking it to the wall where he used aerosol paints to create the work, a method that reflects his background in graffiti.

Wacom Cintiq Pro 16

“Generally, when creating works like this, the mock up stage is drawing a concept sketch on paper that I can show to the client. Then I will develop it using my Wacom Cintiq Pro 16”. I transfer it to Photoshop and digitally colour it. This is a great way for me to visualise how the piece will look in the end. It also enables the client to view and see what exact colours will be used, how it will sit and the finished product,” Thomas explains.

The Wacom Cintiq Pro range bridges the gap between inspiration and expression, empowering professional and serious creators of digital content to take their artistry to the next level. Harnessing over 30 years of product innovation and customer feedback, the Cintiq Pro range wraps the most natural and precise pen performance to date into a sleek, thin and portable form factor to help designers, illustrators, photographers or anyone with a passion for art to unlock their creativity.

Thomas paints the mural

For Thomas, the Wacom Cintiq Pro 16” has enabled him to improve his workflow and productivity. “I love being able to draw straight on to the monitor and see what I am creating as I’m doing it. Having the slightly textured monitor feels like more of a traditional way to draw,” says Thomas.

“I would say to anyone who is a traditional artist, try getting in to digital mock-ups, it has helped me greatly. Using Wacom products and being able to create my painted illustrations before I go off to create full-scale murals, has simplified my process,” Thomas continued.
Wacom mural

This mural is another way for Wacom to recognise the incredible Australian artists that they work with on a daily basis. “Working with local artists is the most rewarding part of our job. We draw daily inspiration from the amazing talent that we have the privilege of working with. Working with these artists is what feeds our passion – we wear their designs on our shirts, we have their art in a gallery, and now we have a mural on our wall,” said Simon Marshall.

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