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Mobile Studio Pro review

Mobile Studio Pro Reviews Are In

So you’re an artist and maybe staying at your desk as you’re in the creativity zone works pretty much okay. But maybe there are moments when the creative block is firmly in place, or you have a train commute that leads to idle hands. Or maybe you just like the coffee at the café down the street better than the swill that comes out of your machine.

Don’t waste those times when your desk acts as more of an anchor to your creativity, rather than the wind in your creativity sails. (Real talk: we don’t know much about sailing here, so that metaphor may be totally wrong. But we do love, love, love the cut of your jib.)

Wacom made the MobileStudio Pro specifically for those times when the muse is looking for you everywhere except your desk. The MobileStudio Pro is a high-powered computer that can run 3D and CAD software without batting an eye. Speaking of eyes, it also boasts a 4k display. And, of course, the Wacom Pro Pen 2, which gives you 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity.

But you don’t need to take our word for it. How about checking out some reviews from the press? Read what artists and journalists are saying about the MobileStudio Pro below…

In her video review, Lisa Gade of MobileTechReview calls out the display, color saturation and feel when drawing.

Over at the MobileStudio Pro review at postPerspective, designer Sophia Kyriacou says, “I loved the minimalism of the design and how everything was carefully considered and placed within the box. It felt special and aimed at a creative who had earned it.”

The team at Computer Times gave the MobileStudio Pro their Editor’s Choice award for Tablet PCs. They enlisted the review help of Dylan J. Hay-Chapman, a graphic designer for the shows Criminal Minds, Angie Tribeca, and Firefly. Here’s what he had to say: “This device has 3D scanning capability, and that’s something I’ve never experimented with before, but I’m interested in trying out. The inclusion of this kind of feature is going to swing the door to 3D work wide open for those who’ve never tried it, and the integration doesn’t seem to stretch the price point too much. The convenience of having it on-board the device, instead of as a separate peripheral is great. The new pen felt great too, but that was expected. Wacom has always had awesome pens. The new pen boasts even more pressure sensitivity than previous models, and it seemed pretty evident right out of the gate.”

In his MobileStudio Pro review, Nick Sorbin at Renderosity Magazine says, “A further big deal with the MobileStudio Pro and Pro Pen 2 is the absence of parallax (that noticeable gap between pen tip and screen). Now, as long as you calibrate the pen, you won't see parallax - brilliant! Overall, drawing/painting is very accurate with the MSP and I didn't experience any lag. Also, the etched glass surface has just enough texture to give you that real pen on paper feel.”

At pocketnow, Adam Z. Lein used the MobileStudio Pro for nearly six months before writing his in depth review. His takeaway: “I’ll start off right away with letting you know that if your career has anything to do with visual creativity, this is the tool you need.”

Are you interested in the MobileStudio Pro? Learn more here.

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