by Victoria Pavlov

Speed Compositing Workflow in Adobe Photoshop CC

Victoria Pavlov is an accomplished digital painter who teaches regularly at Photoshop World for KelbyOne and offers online training at Everything Digital. Here she shows off her speed compositing of her personal project, Freedom, an artistic tribute to her love of the ocean and of creativity. 

Gathering Assets

I am a digital artist and photographer, but I don’t always have all the necessary images for my projects so Adobe Stock is my go-to source for many of the assets in my photo compositing workflow. First, I saved and licensed my assets to my Adobe Creative Cloud Library and then I was ready to start putting everything together. 

Freedom - Adobe Stock

Background Layer

The first layer is my background layer. I added the image of my main subject from my CC library to my document and cut out the background using “Select Subject’, a new feature in Photoshop CC.  After Adobe Photoshop selected the main subject for me, I jumped to my “Select and Mask” workspace to finish the masking process. I saved my selection as a separate layer with a layer mask (because if I need to adjust my selection later on I will be easily redirected back to my “Select and Mask” workspace where I can apply any modifications to my layer). 

Freedom 2

Adding Details

Next I started to add details to my image, such as water, ocean waves and a light source. I wanted to preserve all the details in my background layer, while bringing the right colors to life. Since I was creating an underwater scene, all the colors should have green and blue hues. I spent some time working with the adjustments and photo filter layers. After I was completely happy with my composition and colors, I merged all the layers together and was ready to apply the finishing touches.

Finishing Touches

I applied my finishing touches in Adobe Camera Raw, a powerful tool for importing and enhancing your images and bringing them life. After a few steps in Camera Raw my image was ready.

Freedom 3

Victoria Pavlov

Victoria Pavlov was born into a musician family and started practicing music at the age of three. At six she discovered painting and spent all of her time mastering her craft in a painting studio and had her first big exhibit at fourteen. She was introduced to the camera by her uncle and to the Photoshop by her teacher. Since that time she became “The Photoshop Artist.” A canvas, a camera, a Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop are the clean canvases where she can create her art. One of the biggest passions in her life is using Photoshop. Painting in Adobe Photoshop is the world for her, her language, eyes, and heart. 

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