• Bundle of Joya

    Israeli illustrator, comic book artist and self-described pizza lover, Erez Zadok draws witty and relatable illustrations about the everyday joys of raising his female dog, Joya.

  • Wearing Multiple Hats at My Own Agency

    Jason Yang, designer, animator, illustrator, and artist based in Tulsa, Oklahoma has nearly 15 years of agency experience and runs his own studio, Invisible Element, where he specializes in art direction,...

  • Digital Painting of Le Retour with Gilles Beloeil

    Gilles Beloeil, senior concept artist and digital matte painter for Ubisoft  gives us an inside look at his thought process while creating his digital painting entitled Le Retour

  • What art technique should I use?

    Gilles Beloeil, senior concept artist and digital matte painter for Ubisoft asks himself two questions before working on projects: "What does the client want?" and "How long will I have in front of me...

  • Behind the Mask of a Costume Designer

    “I’m proud of how far my artistic skills have developed, and I’m proud that I’m now at the point where I can not only make quality work for myself, but my work is now in demand...

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Ambassador Spotlight

Elia Locardi

Elia Locardi is an American born artist, professional photographer, writer, and educator who spent his childhood exploring the electric blue waters and color-filled reefs of the Florida Keys.