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A digital approach for professional artists

At Wacom, we’re honored to be associated with some of the most amazing commercial and digital fine artists, thanks to the control and pressure sensitive responsiveness provided by Wacom pen performance. Stay immersed in your creative zone.

How can Wacom help?

We can’t teach artistic skills, or turn anyone into an instant success, but we can help with creative tools that support your own development and talent, and help you open new creative possibilities and techniques in the rapidly advancing world of creative software.

Wacom strives to deliver on what professionals ask for the most: more natural control, the ability to customize workflows for a faster and easier creative experience, and to provide tools that allow artists to stay totally immersed in their creative zone.

Control means everything

We hear you. More than anything else, professionals using Wacom pen tablets or interactive pen displays say they appreciate the level of control they gain in their craft, starting with the natural control and responsiveness of the pen when working in their preferred creative software. They say there’s no other way to work and get the same level of control.

In addition, Wacom uniquely delivers the benefits of a real-life brush or pen, so you can control line weight and opacity based on how firmly or softly you press the pen to the tablet. Just like traditional media! Likewise, the Wacom pen tip responds to the slightest nuance of pressure or the angle at which you hold the pen in your hand.

Does productivity matter?

Most of you acutely feel the pressures of time and cost. While all Wacom products come with a time-saving set of shortcuts and settings for the ExpressKeys™ and pen side switch, commercial artists customize these settings to maximize their productivity. And with new multi-touch gesture control in both Intuos and Cintiq, you can now turn, rotate or zoom in on your virtual canvas for a very authentic creative experience.

A short list of Who’s Who

In corporations, home offices and most of the major arts education colleges, Wacom’s Cintiq and Intuos products are on the required equipment list.

Artists at Sesame Workshop, producers of Sesame Street educational programming, will tell you that there is no other way to draw things like fur and feathers. "In order to emulate the textures, we need to give the fur and feathers a specific thin-to-thick shaped line," says creative director Nancy Stevenson. "The only way to do this efficiently is with the pressure-sensitive Wacom pen. Otherwise, it takes hours or even days to tweak and pull anchor points to achieve that look."

Freelance artist Joel McKenzie has both a Cintiq and an Intuos in his studio. Joel likes to create custom brushes and he takes full advantage of pressure sensitivity in the pen. Starting with thicker, fatter outlines, Joel moves to thinner, more subtle lines as he fills in a composition.

At Sony Entertainment, the numerous Cintiqs in their production environment have allowed uninterrupted workflow that saves over two hours of development time per character.

Nationwide, schools offering degrees in education arts offer labs in state-of-the-art facilities: Art Institute, SCAD, Full Sail University, Ringling, LA Film School, and Sheridan to name just a few. At SCAD, more than 600 Cintiqs can be found in various arts education labs. And not surprisingly, students are working on their own pen tablets.

Which Wacom is right for you?

At the advanced and professional arts level, most artists opt for the Cintiq interactive pen display, or an Intuos professional pen tablet, and often both, one for the office and one for the road.