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I’m not sure I’m an artist, but I like to create stuff!

Make something. Share it with others. Be visual. With a Wacom pen tablet and your computer, you’ll find all new ways of expressing yourself. And it’s not just for artists, but anyone who has ever had an urge to put pen to paper and see what happens.

What’s a pen tablet got to do with art?

A Wacom pen tablet is a means to an end. It allows you to do all sorts of creative stuff on your computer. If you were working on paper, you might use pencils, ink, paintbrushes and any variety of paints, and maybe even chalk or an airbrush. Working with a Wacom pen lets you work on your computer in a way that feels like you’re using these natural media tools. The pen tablet is fluid, natural, and intuitive. Just like holding, well, a pen or a brush.

Get started and break through!

Traditional media can be intimidating. First, there’s a steep learning curve. Then you have all the expenses for your supplies and materials. Not to mention the block of time for set-up, work, and clean-up. On the other hand, when you get started with digital media, you can experiment more freely, find new avenues and new forms for your art. Although working with a pen tablet while you’re looking at the computer screen can feel a bit unfamiliar at first, it’s easy to adapt in a day or two of regular use, and after a week or less of consistent use, working on a Wacom pen tablet will be second nature.

What can I do with a pen tablet?

What would you like to do? Your vision is what counts – the pen tablet is just the way to get you there. Slap some paint on the screen, sketch some ideas, open a photo and draw right on the image. Play with your art! There are plenty of apps available to help you out, and lots of them have extra tools for the Wacom pen. It’s a fun, no-risk way to get started creating and sharing.

Which Wacom is right for you?

Find the Wacom pen tablet that can help you explore your creative potential. Check out the Bamboo Splash or Bamboo Create for a great place to start, or step up to the Intuos line.