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iPad Art Pro: Illustrator Adds Intuos Creative Stylus 2 To His Toolkit

Artist Arnold Pander has built a career out of taming lines to tell stories. An illustrator with work for everyone from Image to Marvel Comics to his name, along with illustrations for America's Next Top Model and other major productions, the artist is always evolving his style to suit the needs of clients and to polish his personal projects. The latest catalyst for change? Wacom's new fine-tipped Intuos Creative Stylus 2.

Pander primarily uses a Cintiq and Manga Studio for his professional comic book and illustration work, but he's found that pairing the ICS2 with contemporary art apps on the iPad has proven a handy addition to his growing kit of digital creation tools.

"The Intuos Creative Stylus 2 is great for playing with different techniques. It can accommodate a range of brushes that make it fun to explore new styles in my drawings," said Pander, "I've used ICS2 with a number of compatible apps like SketchBook Pro and Bamboo Paper, but mostly with ProCreate."

Though Pander began his career working traditional media, he's drawn to the workflow-enhancing aspects of digital drawing. Once he's selected a brush that suits his style, he can get the line he wants and the look he wants. He can make changes instantly, while helping him skip the tactile issues presented by things like eraser dust.

Pander also appreciates the way the ICS2 feels in his hand, noting the benefits of its machined build and redesigned stylus stature.

"I like the compact nature of the pen," said Pander, "It has a sturdy feel to it. Any time things are too lightweight, you end up overcompensating. You're holding on the pen more and find yourself pushing it more. The ICS2 has a little bit of a weight where you can really feel it in your hand."

For his part, Pander thinks the ICS2 will be a good fit for anyone who wants to make the leap into digital drawing on the iPad, or simply those who want a taste of something new and unexpected in their linework.

"I had to adapt -- in a good way," explained Palmer, "Using the ICS2 pushed me to create more of my own look and style on the iPad and actually gave my art a more organic feel that I enjoy. The finished product took me by surprise."

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