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Wacom Tablet Settings to Improve Workflow

by Weston Maggio

Want to speed up your workflow? Set your ExpressKeys, TouchRing and Radial Menu to your most used keystrokes.

Tablet functions, including ExpressKeys, the Touch Ring and Radial Menu place commonly used keystrokes and application functions just a touch or click away. Even better, these functions can be assigned application-specific settings. For example, an individual ExpressKey can be assigned to one function in Photoshop, and then something entirely different in Lightroom. As you switch back and forth between applications, the tablet knows what app is active and performs the appropriate function.

To set up the tablet functions, head to the Wacom Tablet Properties. Select the tool/function that you wish to customize, add the application to which you would like them assigned and then select the preferred setting. The preferred settings for your tablet should be the keystrokes and functions that you find yourself using image after image.

Need some tablet setting inspiration? Check out my tablet settings below. Consider starting with these and then change them to your preferred keystrokes and functions as you go along.

If you aren’t familiar with how to set up your tablet functions, watch the following video.