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What Is The Cintiq Companion?

There’s no doubt about it, if you pulled out a Cintiq 24 at your local café to get some work done, your fellow creative types would be impressed. Chances are, they’d be impressed that you scored a table big enough to prop it up and they might be a little jealous that you managed to do what they were dreaming of: truly take their studio wherever they found inspiration.

At Wacom, we certainly want your pictures of you setting up a Cintiq 24 in a café (or better yet a bar) but that’s not realistic for most folks. So we wanted to give digital artists a tool that would allow them to create on-the-go. After a lot of research, planning and asking digital artists what they need in a tablet we created the Cintiq Companion, a professional-grade mobile workstation. It’s one part laptop-replacement, one part awesome developer magic.

So what is it? Check out the infographic below. It’s all about the Cintiq Companion and what you can do on it instead of (or in addition to) bringing your Cintiq 24 to a café.