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Graphic Designers like Portland Based Dan Stiles Lose the Cord with the Cintiq Companion Hybrid

Thanks to the mobile capabilities of the Cintiq Companion Hybrid, Portland’s Dan Stiles and other graphic designers are able to take their sketches on the go. The Hybrid combines the power of the Cintiq 13HD with the Android operating system to provide a mobile sketchpad for designers and creatives.

Real-Life Cintiq Companion Hybrid Experience with Graphic Designer Dan Stiles
“What I like most about my tablet is the ability to unplug it and walk away from my work station,” Stiles says. “The keyboard is a really cool addition because it turns your tablet into a work station. It’s easy to go somewhere and send e-mail or surf the Internet.”

Stiles often takes advantage of the Hybrid’s mobility factor to bridge the gap between work and family. “I bring my Hybrid when I take my girls to karate or Girl Scouts,” Stiles says. “I'm able to sketch up ideas and storyboards instead of killing time on my phone or watching the clock.”

Power of a Cintiq 13, Mobility of a Tablet
Nearly all shades of design professionals, including product, landscape, fashion and graphic design, turn to a pen input in order to work digitally. And those who want the experience of creating directly on the screen turn to the Cintiq product line. The Cintiq 13HD has long offered the convenience of a smaller display tablet with the power of Wacom pen-on-screen experience. The Cintiq Companion Hybrid has the same dimensions as a Cintiq 13HD with the same functionality with the addition of mobility. At the office, designers plug the Hybrid into their computer using its HDMI or USB slot for full access to their preferred operating system and all of their professional-level creative software. Like the Cintiq 13, the Hybrid boasts 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, as well as angle recognition and a1080p, touch-sensitive display, which means you can use your fingers for gestures and navigation.

The Hybrid also offers a new level of mobility. Unlike the Cintiq 13HD, the Cintiq Companion Hybrid can be unplugged from the computer and used as a mobile Android tablet featuring all the familiar pen features that designers enjoy. When mobile, the Hybrid is battery-powered.

Concepting in Real Time for Greater Workflow Efficiencies
When designers are ready to untether completely, the Hybrid acts as a powerful Android tablet, thanks to its Nvidia Tegra 4 processor. This means designers can run their favorite Android-based design applications, such as Autodesk SketchBook Pro and Infinite Design without worrying about performance. The Hybrid also comes loaded with Wacom’s Infinite Canvas and Creative Canvas, so designers can hit the ground running as soon as they open the box. For designers this mobility means having the ability to concept with the client in real time for efficient collaboration and less time spent in the ideation and revision phase.

The Hybrid supports Microsoft Office-like Android applications such as Open Office, which means designers can manage the business side of creativity while away from the desk. With the optional Bluetooth keyboard, the Hybrid offers all the comforts of your home office.

As developers like Autodesk and Ambient continue to contribute powerful creative applications to the Android marketplace, the mobile world of the graphic designer is expanding rapidly. Stay on the cutting edge of mobile design and lose the cord with the Android-based Cintiq Companion Hybrid.

In the video below, Graphic Designer Dan Stiles takes us through his workflow with the Cintiq Companion Hybrid as he captures inspiration at all hours. Watch Stiles concept and design on the Cintiq Companion Hybrid.