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InDesign Radial Menu: Ask and ye Shall Receive

That’s right!  Once again, everyone gets to benefit from my hours of work (actually they are a little time consuming, but I am having fun with this on a number of levels).  As before, these Radial Menus are not technically supported by Wacom, but I encourage you to post replies if you run into any trouble with them or want to provide any feedback.

This one goes out to Leigh for her special request.  Following on the heels of the Photoshop and Illustrator Radial Menus, I present you with the InDesign radial menu.  I built this using the same logic as the others, the Menu mimics the menu structure of Adobe InDesign.  So, rather than having to go to the File menu to select “New” or using the keyboard shortcut, you just bring up the radial menu, select the Submenu “File” and make your selection as if it were from the File menu.

Is this the best use of the Radial Menu?  No, but it is a huge step forward without knowing how each and every one of you use InDesign.  It should also provide a good starting point for anyone wanting to make the tablet that much more powerful and fun to use.  To learn more about building and using Radial Menus, check out Wes’ post Tablet Tips – Radial Menus.  Here is the basic layout:


The rules are simple.  These radial Menus should work for the more current versions of InDesign and any Intuos4 or 5, as well as the Cintiq 13, 21, 22, and 24.  Just download the this compressed folder, extract it, and as long as you are running the current driver, you should just be able to double click on the “IDRadial” for file for your OS.

If you need to get the latest driver, please go here and select you tablet model and OS, to download and install the newest driver.

You can also get the other Radial Menus from each of their posts: Photoshop and Illustrator


Tech-Man Joe