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Student Spotlight: 12 Things About Greg Perkins

We're regularly treated to artwork created on Wacom products, but Greg Perkins is in rare form as the creator of items designed to work with Wacom products. Currently a 3D Modeling student at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Perkins designs, prints and casts custom Wacom pen holders through his company Far Fetched Creations. Capable of cradling Cintiq and Intuos pens, along with anything else slim enough to fit within the confines of holders shaped like ghosts, monsters and other otherworldy oddities, Perkins's holders are an example of how Wacom users take digital design to the physical plane.

We caught up with him and (after ordering a few Wacom pen holders of our own) asked him for 12 bits of information that will get us into the heads of this Wacom maker.

1. I'm from Australia, and studying 3D Modeling at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I'll be graduating in Fall.

2. I have been making art on the computer since I was 7.

3. As a kid, before Wacom and Photoshop came into existence, I would sit there painting each giant pixel in the first [Microsoft] Paint program. So I really appreciate how far digital painting has come!

4. Now, as a 3D Modeler, another huge technological advancement has been 3D printing. This was a dream come true because now I can finally hold my digital art in my hands, which feels amazing.

5. I have been doing a lot of highly detailed creature design (the combination of Wacom and ZBrush is incredible).

6. To take a break from my more detailed work, I decided to make a cartoony Wacom pen holder. People really liked it so I made more of them. Now they're available on the Far Fetched Creations website.

7. My process for the Wacom pen holders involves the newest and oldest forms of replication - 3D printing and mold making. I design the product, model it, 3D print it, make a mold of the 3D print, and then make resin or urethane castings.

8. I would like to have my own 3D printer. I'm going to be launching my own Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds for it. So there will be more fun designs to come!

9. I have also been making movies since I was a kid. Before I heard of any animation programs like Maya, I would be animating in PowerPoint. I would get other kids from around the neighborhood to star in my movies. It was hilarious.

10. I am now wrapping up my first 3D animated short film, Scaredy Bat. It is about a bat who is scared of the dark.

11. I studied music and drums in particular for 10 years. It has always been a battle between music and art for me. Eventually art won, but I was still able to compose and record all the music for my short film.

12. I have been asked to write and direct another short film, which I am currently developing. I can't say much because I signed a non-disclosure agreement. But, it may or may not have a lot to do with someone who worked on Star Wars, which is very exciting.