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Give shape to your vision

Characters modeled in programs like Autodesk® Mudbox™ and Pixologic™ ZBrush® are the virtual stars that make animated games worth playing and films worth watching. When it comes to bringing ideas to life, the precision, control and natural feel of a Wacom pen makes all the difference.

Intuitive control

3D sculptors across industries rely on Wacom pen tablets and displays for the most natural modeling experience. We see the adoption of pen input everywhere, from the studios producing major animations and online games to global fashion and product designers. The pen’s pressure-sensitive control allows you to shape, mold, texture and paint with the traditional style control of an artist’s hands and sculpting tools.

Push and pull your renderings to life. Press harder to apply more clay or paint. Lighten your touch for subtle detail and color blends. Tilt the pen to control the spray of the airbrush. Set lighting angles. Rig and animate your sculpted characters—all with a single tool.

With Wacom’s new multi-touch technology, you can rotate and manipulate 3D models with your fingers—tapping into a powerful sense of creative control that only comes through working with your hands.

And the pen tablet helps you work smarter and faster with the software you use every day. For example, with Autodesk Mudbox and Maya®, pen pressure can control material weights and movements, and it also lets you combine models with 2D backgrounds for visualization in Adobe® Photoshop®.

Get inspired

Across the country, schools specializing in media, entertainment and design fill state-of-the art labs with Wacom. These schools embrace Wacom pen tablets and interactive pen displays as the tools of choice for 3D creation. For inspiration, take a look at the videos below or visit Digital-Tutors or the Creative Planet Network.

Which Wacom is right for you?

Learn more about Wacom’s Intuos line of professional pen tablets and Cintiq interactive pen displays.