November 4, 2021

Portland-based illustrator, Jeremy Joseph ran an animation company for 14 years, working for Disney, Cartoon Network, ESPN and more until he found out he really missed working on his own projects, so now he’s making all kinds of fun things, including limited-edition enamel pins. In this video, Jeremy walks us through his pin-making process with a Wacom Cintiq and Clip Studio Paint and breaks the process down into seven main components.

Jeremy became known for his inking primarily through Instagram, where he posts his work, livestreams and timelapses. He’s also had the good fortune of getting endorsed by Pentel and Copic, holding demonstrations and inking classes for both and also got featured by other great inkers and artists on Instagram and in his Inkshift Facebook group.

About Jeremy C Joseph and Inkshift

Jeremy C. Joseph is a Dutch illustrator artist living in Portland, Oregon with his beautiful darling, two stepchildren and a fearless indoor cat named Bacon. Jeremy received both his Bachelor’s and Master of Fine Art Degree from Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU) in the Netherlands and  used to animate for the likes of Disney, Cartoon Network and ESPN, but grew tired of making other people’s stories come to life.

Combining his 20 years of digital illustration experience with his childhood love of traditional illustration, he now happily makes his own stories come to life in a hyper-detailed world full of biomechanical creatures, strong women and animals.

In addition to client work and commissions, he also has a line of limited edition enamel pins, fine art prints and various merchandise for sale under his brand, Inkshift.

Mr. Joseph is currently focused on his first book of illustrations, speaking engagements about illustration and demonstrations within the art community – mostly while Bacon sits on his lap, purring her (dis)approval.

Watch Jeremy’s amazing video on how to improve your digital inking skills in Clip Studio Paint.

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