A Day in the Life of a BELA Hybrid Teacher

By Shireen Faridniya
December 2, 2020


Ms. Celina isn’t your average educator.

She teaches both hybrid and fully virtual STEAM classes at the Brooklyn Emerging Leaders Academy, an all-girls public charter school located in the Bedford-Stuyvesent neighborhood. With a mission to empower each young woman to be the best version of herself, BELA provides a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, service learning initiatives, and a commitment to cultivating a spirit of ownership within each young woman.

Having students both in-classroom and online, Ms. Celina keeps her 9th grade classes focused using a variety of ed-tech tools including Wacom Intuos tablets and Pear Deck.



Find out how Ms. Celina is bringing a fresh approach to hybrid and virtual learning with these tips for creating an engaging, interactive classroom:


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