Wacom Drawing Glove

Announcing the Wacom Drawing Glove: Freedom to create without distraction

By Melissa Ashcraft
November 22, 2021

Eliminate smudges and reduce friction between the screen and your hand. The drawing experience never felt so good with the Wacom Drawing Glove. Simply draw with confidence. 

Wacom Drawing Glove

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Clearer, cleaner drawing 

Use the Wacom Drawing Glove and enjoy a natural drawing experience. Say goodbye to unnecessary smudges, fingerprints and minimize friction from hand to screen or pen tablet. And with everything clearly visible on screen, nothing comes between you and your creation. Now, you’re free to draw comfortably for hours. 

Fits like a glove, works like a dream 

Wacom Drawing Glove’s unique fingerless design and seamless edge allows for a natural working experience. Focus on your drawing and access touch functionality on screen as well as the keyboard. Designed to work perfectly whether you’re left or right-handed. Sound good? You’ll find it feels good too. 

Better for drawing, better for the environment 

Designed with eco-friendly recycled materials, the Wacom Drawing Glove allows you to draw with the freedom of knowing you are helping the world we live in. Recycled Polyester and Spandex offer breathability, stretch and durability for a comfortable fit. Feel comfortable drawing anything, and know that you’re contributing to a better environment. 



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