By Pamela Park
January 28, 2019

Be prepared: you might want to adopt a dog yourself after reading this post

Israeli illustrator, comic book artist and self-described pizza lover, Erez Zadok draws witty and relatable illustrations about the everyday joys of raising his female dog, Joya. “Joya makes me laugh and makes my life happier. I figured there must be a lot of people who would relate to and enjoy our funny experiences,” said Erez.



Dog lovers across the globe responded immediately and positively to the weekly comics on Erez’s social medias platforms, especially his Instagram feed.

In Bundle of Joya, Erez shows what it’s like to be a proud dog owner: the surprise ‘wrecking ball’ crotch jump, the pre-dawn wake-up call, the mastery of the skill of drawing with one hand while providing a belly rub with the other, or the adjustment to dining on food covered with fur – all of which are part of the daily domestic adventures of raising a dog.



Erez first creates his rough sketches on paper but works mainly digitally on his Wacom Cintiq. He likes to use Photoshop for coloring and Clip Studio Paint for digital penciling and inking. “It took me a while getting used to drawing on a screen, once I got the hang of it I couldn’t go back,” said Erez.  I wish Joya could understand my illustrations of her, but then she might complain and ask me to draw her far more beautiful. Maybe things are okay as they are.”




If you too are hooked on the adorable Joya, you can follow along on the Instagram feed, Bundle of Joya where Erez posts a new illustration of his pup each week.


Learn more about Erez Zadok and Joya

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