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Career Options for Art and Illustration Students


When I was student at Ringling College of Art and Design, it was a daunting realization that one day soon I had to figure out what to do with my BFA in illustration. My mind would have been put to ease (at least a little bit) had someone laid out what career options were available to me.

One big twist that I didn’t experience when I was in school is the COVID-19 pandemic and the educational and career disruption that everyone’s experiencing right now, including myself. It’s been a weird few months and like many other students, your school plans may up in the air. Maybe you’re currently enrolled in an art school and attending classes in-person, or perhaps you are participating in online classes, or maybe you’re just doing your best to learn on your own; in any case, the best thing you can do right now is spend time focusing on your skills, learning as much as you can and leveling up your art.

So pull up a chair while I work on a sketch and I will share some insights about possible career paths, especially ones for illustrators. Advice that I wish someone had told me at the start of my journey.



Dave Greco

About Dave Greco

Dave is a lead concept artist in the games industry, and freelance illustrator outside of it. Being an artist, and especially an Illustrator, has been his dream and passion since he was young. Dave is slowly transitioning from an in-studio artist to a freelancer, and has been a long-time Wacom user since 2003.



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