Recreating art school

Recreating Art School (part one)

Due to the rapid accessibility of technology, large quantities of high-quality educational content created by working professionals are available to students like never before. The problem students now face is not a lack of information but rather how to approach it…. Which instructors are good? What subjects should be studied and in what order?

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Os softwares essenciais para EAD com a sua WACOM

As novas tecnologias permite nos aproximar Este período de quarentena obrigou os professores, professoras e as instituições de ensino a se adaptar rapidamente. De repente, muitos profissionais que nunca haviam […]

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hard and soft skills

Hard and Soft Skills for Artists

We asked concept artist and CG Spectrum art instructor, Brandon Reimchen, to share the essential skills every art student needs to master. Brandon broke these important skills down into two major components,  hard skills, and soft skills.

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