Remote Learning Tech Tips from Stacey Roshan

With the recent Covid-19 pandemic shutting down virtually every school, certainly here in the US, school administrators and faculty are compelled to keep teaching without the comfort and security of […]

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New EdTech Tool for the “New Normal”

As the school year ends, school districts are reeling from the repercussions of COVID-19 and weighing options for welcoming students back for the 2020-21 school year. At the same time, […]

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A Day in the Life of a BELA Hybrid Teacher

  Ms. Celina isn’t your average educator. She teaches both hybrid and fully virtual STEAM classes at the Brooklyn Emerging Leaders Academy, an all-girls public charter school located in the […]

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Joel Feenstra

Recreating the Physical Classroom in a Virtual World

The Wacom One has been an absolute lifesaver.  Probably literally, as our subject has symbols and words, and diagrams that are all fluidly intertwined.  I’d probably already have had a heart attack by now if I were just trying to do this off a mouse and keyboard. 

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record lectures with a tablet

All You Need to Know to Teach with a Wacom Tablet

Drawing inspiration from Salman Khan from Khan Academy, who has used a Wacom tablet since 2006 to record thousands of lectures, Miguel puts his own unique and quirky spin on things and walks you step-by-step through the basics on presenting your own class lectures with a Wacom tablet.

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Collaboard Meets Wacom: Digital Whiteboards for Remote Teaching

Making the move to remote teaching? One thing many teachers miss is their classroom whiteboard. It’s such a flexible tool, letting you record ideas, brainstorm, and demonstrate to your class. With Wacom’s new integration in Collaboard, you get all the familiar benefits of handwriting on a standard whiteboard with the added advantage of working digitally

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Wacom and Kami for Effective Document Editing

One huge challenge of teaching online is that all your favourite worksheets suddenly become useless. Whilst students can view, they can’t write on them and only a few will have a printer at home. Wouldn’t it be great if they could write directly onto the resources you use?

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Wacom and Limnu for Smooth Whiteboard Drawing

Limnu is one of Wacom’s five new software partners and we’re delighted to offer a three-month’s free trial of all its premium features, to let you see how useful it can be for remote learning in your classroom.

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Sam Kary

11 Tech Tools Google Teachers Need to Be Using

Education tech wizard, Sam Kary, from New EdTech Classroom shows you the best apps for streamlining your grading, running Google Classroom analytics, creating interactive tutorials, playing games to learn about digital citizenship, drawing directly on Slides, and much more.

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visual note taking

Basics of Visual Notetaking for Teachers

Teachers can use visual notes in almost any classroom setting: when you’re explaining a topic, or when students are sharing ideas, insights, or presenting. Visual notes help enhance learning and information retention. They’re effective for any student, no matter the grade level.

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Tutoring for with a One by Wacom tablet

Like most people, my life changed drastically in March 2020 with the global pandemic. What was supposed to be a week-long break from high school became over a year of virtual learning at home, where normal wasn’t so “normal” anymore and where every email included the phrase “unprecedented times”.

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How to Create Art On Your Chromebook

“Can you draw on a Chromebook? … Two years ago I would’ve said no, but things are changing!” — Brad Colbow — About the Chromebook Just in case anyone needs an introduction, […]

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