Start using 3D

3D Tools for Artists: A Basic Primer

3d models can be a crutch that keeps you from learning basic skills, but they can also be a powerful tool to take your art above and beyond what would be traditionally possible. Concept artists have been using them for ages as an integral part of their workflow, but they’re still underutilized in other genres.

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Later Alligator

Later Alligator: A Q&A with the Small-Buteras

Later Alligator is among the highest-rated Steam titles at an almost unheard of 98%, with reviewers praising its innovative take on the genre and its “cute and quirky” humor. Pardon the cliche, but that phrase was made for this game: It’s adorable, it doesn’t have a single serious moment and it was made on Wacom devices.

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Edvard the Hermit

Evard The Hermit: Through Fears

Creator Roman Gritsuk is a self-taught artist and coder who’s passionate about visual arts and animation. In his day job, Roman makes videos and banner ads for an Estonian financial company, but in his free time, he’s working to bring Evard the Hermit to life.

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