Joe Wos

Twists, turns and blind alleys: The journey of a master maze maker

Joe admits that his first experiences at this new career were challenging. “I fiddled around with some ideas and frankly my coloring was awful. I lacked the patience, experience and tool skills to take my work to the level it would need to be. Around this time, I had finished my first book and hired a colorist. I was impressed with her work and asked her what tools she used, and she suggested I try a Wacom tablet. It was love at first sight!”

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Basics of Wacom Pen Pressure Sensitivity

Pressure-sensitive features are built right into Photoshop — you just have to know where to find them. When you installed the driver software that came with your Wacom Pen Display […]

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Behind the Mask

Christiana Broughton unveils the life of a costume designer   Christiana Broughton, a.k.a. Aunum (the Wampanoag Native American Language word for ‘dog’), is a costume designer, illustrator, animal lover, and […]

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How Wacom Enhances Product Design and CAD

Unless you have a side hustle animating the latest Pixar movie, chances are, as a product design or CAD professional, you haven’t heard of Wacom. What you may know, however, […]

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7 Digital Painting Mistakes

7 Digital Painting Sins

Whether you’re new to the world of digital painting, or are struggling to perfect your craft, you’ll appreciate this video on what NOT to do (and conversely WHAT do to) to make your digital paintings convey your unique personal style.

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Vertical and Horizontal Thinking

Horizontal and Vertical Thinking for Artists

Creative blocks. We’ve all been there. We challenged Instagram famous corgi lover and story artist, Jane Kim, to illustrate the types of thinking she employs to get herself over a creative hurdle.

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Digital Inking Basics

Digital Inking Basics in CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Good inking means paying attention to your line widths/weights and knowing when to use a bold stroke and when to use a feather light touch. Different kinds of inking styles lead to different effects.

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Start using 3D

3D Tools for Artists: A Basic Primer

3d models can be a crutch that keeps you from learning basic skills, but they can also be a powerful tool to take your art above and beyond what would be traditionally possible. Concept artists have been using them for ages as an integral part of their workflow, but they’re still underutilized in other genres.

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Star in my pocket caricature

Digital Caricatures with STARINMYPOCKET

“I believe the best [caricatures] should be fun and definitely have a likeness to the person. They’re not realism portraits and I love that each artist can draw the same person differently. Some caricaturists do push boundaries to be funny, but for my own style, I try to find a cute and cartoonish balance that I think is both fun and flattering” ~ Sarah Schedler

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Wacom’s MobileStudio Pro 13

Introducing Wacom’s new MobileStudio Pro 13, the second generation of its high-end, Windows® 10 mobile creative pen computer. Smaller and lighter than the MobileStudio Pro 16, launched last year, the […]

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Working on the go

Working on the go without compromise

Even with a 15-hour plane ride ahead of me, I lost no productivity time thanks to my trusty Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16. I ended up taking on a few projects and worked a good chunk of my “vacation” time in Taiwan, which extended to 50 days. This wouldn’t have been possible had I not owned a full-fledged operating system pen computer that performs on par with a Wacom Cintiq Pro plus a Windows PC setup.

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MerMay Profile: Brigitte Roka

This is the third in a series of interviews with hopefully, all eight artists who participated in the show we co-organized with Los Angeles’s Gallery Nucleus, then collaborated with each […]

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The MobileStudio Pro: Why Is It Worth It?

“The MobileStudio does what it needs to do exceptionally well, and there is no product like it on the marketplace in either form or function.” — Jazza Wacom makes a tablet […]

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