Concept Artist Bobby Chiu Shares Advice for His (And Your) 21-Year-Old Self


Today’s featured video, also released in 2016, is closely related to last week’s in subject matter. Over the course of its 20 minutes, Chiu takes us from his time as a student to the present, giving—as the title implies—advice to his past self along the way: Advice on why passion is made, not found, why routine is good for you but you still need to stretch out of your comfort zone, how to build willpower, and the perfect amount of time to focus.

But don’t think it only applies to impatient college kids. There’s useful info here for artists at every stage of their journey.

Who’s Bobby Chiu?

A concept artist, first and foremost. But a clarification to my last bio of him: When I said he’s been doing almost nothing else his entire life, I meant that about art in general, not just concepting for movies and games. He’s structured his life around art: training, teaching, organizing activities around it, and starting businesses relating to it.

He founded the concept art house Imaginism studios and the website Schoolism—which I didn’t know as of the last article: I thought he just taught digital painting there. As previously mentioned, he’s started drawing clubs. He’s worked extensively with us at Wacom. And he somehow still finds time to make motivational videos on YouTube. Phew.

He was born in Taiwan, but is truly from Toronto, where he still lives.

And why should you listen to him?

In addition to being a phenomenal painter, he’s also put down deep roots within the art community. He regularly interviews the top names in the game for Schoolism, so he has the perspectives of other successful artists backing him up. Not to mention that he’s the best person to deliver any lesson relating to productivity. He’s intimidatingly good at it, which he has another video about as well.

Regarding his art skill, I showcased three of his paintings last time; here are three more:

From Artstation

Bobby Chiu’s Twitter is @BobbyChiu. Seems plausible. His Instagram and TikTok are @DigitalBobert. He livestreams on Youtube Mondays and Thursdays at 10 AM Eastern, 7 AM Pacific. Check for news regarding that here.

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