The Joker

Drawing the Joker with Wacom Intuos

October 14, 2019

Evan Burse from Cartoon Block shows you that you don’t need a fancy Cintiq to do amazing art. Instead he breaks out his new Wacom Intuos to create this latest drawing of the Joker. Although he uses Photoshop to create this particular piece, CLIP STUDIO PAINT is bundled free with Wacom Intuos, which Evan points out is an awesome and popular piece of software to use for drawing.

Evan begins by creating the under sketch of the head itself using a light gray tone, and adds the deep shadows – the roots of the hair where it meets the scalp, below the lower lip, where the chin casts a shadow, and underneath his nose. Once he determines where the shadows will lie, he switches to inking. Evan creates a new layer and draws on top of the underpainting, fine-tuning facial features like the eyes and roughing-in the nose, nostrils and teeth. Working digitally allows him to erase and rework anything that’s wrong.

Evan recommends using a variety of reference photos,to create your own unique version of the character and even exaggerate features beyond what would exist in real life. As you can see from his drawing of the Joker, the mouth is super exaggerated and wouldn’t be possible without inordinate amounts of plastic surgery.

Even continues to fine tune his drawing, and steps back from time to time to make adjustments and see if the drawing is going in the right direction.

About Evan Burse and Cartoon Block

Evan has been an animation professional for over 12 years working at Warner Bros Animation, BET Networks, and Marvel Animation Studios.  He’s worked on such shows as Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Black Panther, Marvel’s Hulk and The Agents of S.M.A.S.H., and Teen Titans.

Since 2009, Evan has been passionately teaching aspiring artists how to draw their favorite characters on his YouTube channel, Cartoon Block.  The channel has accumulated over 250,000 subscribers and over 26 million views.  Evan enjoys sharing his passion for drawing superheroes while inspiring young artists to follow their artistic goals.

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