Celebrate Earth Day in your classroom with digital art

March 15, 2023

Earth Day has been an important holiday since it was first celebrated in 1970. Currently observed on April 22nd, the holiday is intended to promote environmental awareness and encourage people to take action towards a healthier and more sustainable planet. As we approach Earth Day, it’s important to reflect on the ways we can contribute towards a greener future. One way to do so is by reducing waste in our classroom, including our paper usage — and that’s where Wacom tablets come into play.

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It might seem like an impossible task to teach an art class, or do creative, artistic projects in a non-art class, without buying and eventually discarding tons of paints, pens, paper, and canvas. But the future of art is digital, and if we want to prepare our students for the future, we have to offer opportunities to explore digital creativity.

Wacom has a variety of devices that allow artists, designers, students, and teachers to work digitally, without the need for paper or other traditional classroom and art supplies. By utilizing a Wacom tablet, individuals can reduce their paper consumption, which has a positive impact on the environment.

Getting Wacom tablets for your classroom can be an excellent way to celebrate Earth Day and begin to move toward going paperless. Instead of using paper and pencils for drawing and note-taking, students can use a Wacom tablet and pen to create digital artwork and notes. This not only reduces paper usage, but it also creates a more efficient workflow and makes it easier for students to organize their work.

Wacom tablets can be used in a variety of subjects, including science, math, and language arts. Students can use them to create digital illustrations for science projects, work through math problems digitally, or even practice handwriting in a digital format. By incorporating Wacom into the classroom, teachers can demonstrate the importance of reducing paper usage and encourage their students to be more environmentally conscious.

The utilization of Wacom tablets is a great way to promote creativity in any classroom — but they can be especially powerful in an art classroom. Students can experiment with different digital art techniques and tools, and the tablets’ pressure sensitivity allows for precise control over the digital brush strokes. This opens a world of possibilities for creative expression and encourages students to think outside the box when it comes to their projects, and helps prepare them for a digital future.

Earth Day is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the ways we can contribute towards a healthier planet. By incorporating Wacom into the classroom, teachers can promote environmental awareness and encourage students to go paperless. This not only reduces paper usage, but it also fosters creativity and creates a more efficient workflow. Let’s make Earth Day a day to remember, and work towards a greener future together.

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