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Clip Studio Paint Workshop – How To Webtoon!

August 21, 2021 @ 10:00 am - August 22, 2021 @ 5:00 pm


Free CLIP STUDIO PAINT and WEBTOON livestream workshops on August 21 & 22. Learn to tell your story from start to finish! Hosted by Graphixly and Sponsored by CELSYS, WEBTOON & Wacom. Register for FREE and learn more HERE. Live CLIP STUDIO PAINT and WEBTOON workshops with 6 amazing artists and get a chance to win some amazing prizes!

Session Overview

Building a Believable World
August 21st, 10am to 11am PDT
Presented by Tesslyn Bergin @ArtByTesslyn
World building is the backbone of a captivating story. The artist and writer behind the enchanting WEBTOON, Facing the Sun, will shed the light on creating naturalistic characters, worlds and dialogue, and how each element grows off of the other into a fleshed-out whole.

How a Story is Told
August 21st, 1pm to 2pm PDT
Presented by Drake Tsui @Quirkiliciouz
Learn how to plan your panels and control the pace and flow with Quirkilicious, the creator of the action-packed WEBTOON, ePRO.

An Expressive Cast
August 21st, 4pm to 5pm PDT
Presented by Grave @Graveweaver
Learn how Graveweaver creates an expressive and visually interesting cast of characters in the fast-paced environment of Webtoons, and how you can take the knowledge she’s picked up in her professional work and apply it to your own stories.

The Environment
August 22nd, 10am to 11am PDT
Presented by Linda Sejic @Sigeel
In this session, Sigeel, the creator of Blood Stain and Punderworld WEBTOON, will walk you through using different weather elements, colors, perspectives and brushes to create the world that the characters live and breathe in.

Adding Flair to a Page
August 22nd, 1pm to 2pm PDT
Presented by Inma R @Inma_Pollito
In this session, Inma, the creator of The Violinist and the Nerd WEBTOON, will show you how to use different materials to make tasks easier and faster, how materials can differ for B&W to color comics, using textures, screentones and 3D backgrounds.

Bringing it to the Finishing Stage
August 22nd, 4pm to 5pm PDT
Presented by Rhi @Rhivenx
In this session, Rhi, the creator of the WEBTOON, GRIMNIR, will go over tips, tricks, and helpful habits to form on becoming efficient in bringing your WEBTOON to the finishing stage.


August 21, 2021 @ 10:00 am
August 22, 2021 @ 5:00 pm
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